About BellHopp

At the heart of it, BellHopp is looking to recreate the connection between hotel and guest. The growth of online travel agents has severely impacted not just hotel profit margins but also the relationship hotels have with guests, turning them into something more transactional. At BellHopp, we understand that through a direct relationship, not only does the guest get a more personable experience, hotels get more selling opportunities and create true customer loyalty.

BellHopp wants to bring back control to hotels, so they can start reaping the true rewards from the incredible experiences they provide.
Hopefully we’ve sparked something. If so, let’s talk.

A Short Story

BellHopp was founded by a couple of friends who have loved staying in all sorts of hotels since they can remember, but growing up in a digital world, identified it was something that the hotel industry had lagged behind in for far too long. Combining this enjoyment with a passion for technology, they set out to create an innovative solution that would transform the industry.

With a focus on partnering with selected hotels, the BellHopp team is dedicated to transforming this industry, for hotels and their guests.

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