Want more Direct bookings?

We can help

You have some great deals for more direct bookings

Question is how customers find them?

You have some great deals to encourage more direct bookings. Question is how do customers find out about them?

Advertising your hotel on BellHopp

By partnering with us, you can advertise your hotel and offers to our vast network of guests. Here’s how

Be in the spotlight

Partner hotels that join our mobile app ecosystem get featured on our Hotel Spotlight. This is an exclusive space where every customer will check out your hotel.

Join our List

If you just want to be on our database, get in touch and we can list you (without any fancy stuff). Of course, exclusive partners and exclusive offers will be highlighted.

the william vale new york

Market exclusive deals

Any hotel, BellHopp partner or not, can share exclusive offers with us and we can put on top of our page as the Deal of the Week. Customers will definitely start paying attention to you.

Use our social media

Partner hotels will also have the opportunity to feature on our social media pages. Our instagram account currently has over 10K followers!

And there's no cost either, we just want to build a great platform...

If you want to be involved, follow these three easy steps:

Reach out

Get in touch below and let us know whether you want to feature your hotel or deal on our travel page. The more exclusive, the better

Let us Create

We will add your promotion with an article feature detailing your services and add your hotel on our partner database

Check out your board

See your promotion on our travel page that is visible to all our users. If you want to further tap into our users, check out the BellHopp mobile app

BellHopp is a consumer-facing platform, building a pool of your potential future guests. They will be able to discover your hotel on our app and book directly. But we thought we could do more for hotels.

We have created a travel page where customers can see our favourite hotels and their best direct deals.

We’re kind of like an OTA, except when a customer likes what they see, we just take them to your website. You’re welcome.

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