A mobile app experience for your guests, Powered By AI

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It's the new way to connect with your guests...



Guests search for hotels where BellHopp advertises direct booking offers. Upon booking, BellHopp directs them to your website



Provide a complete view of your hotel and nearby attractions, with all the various products, services, amenities and partnerships


Keep guests up to date in real-time with notifications and messaging. Alert everyone or particular guests with updates and offers

How it works

BellHopp creates your profile

The BellHopp team creates your profile for you – just tell us what you want to showcase and we streamline all your info into one place

Guest Finds You

The guest goes onto the BellHopp app and finds you. They’ve either already booked or BellHopp redirects them to your website to book directly (no commission taken)

They enter the reservation code

Once the guest adds their reservation details, front desk approves the guest and they join your portal on BellHopp

Guest joins your portal

From pre check-in all the way to post checkout, front desk can send updates and messages to keep guests updated. This is either through notifications or through chat

Stay in touch through BellHopp

Your guests now have a single place to see all you have to offer, can keep up to date and book again on your website, through BellHopp

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